B & T International, Inc. (BTI) seeks to remain a premiere participant in the construction industry in Russia through two means: provided of construction management services for significant real estate development projects; and distribution of selected, high quality, international building materials and products. The firm of BTI has been a member in good standing with the American Chamber of Commerce in Moscow, and fully supports the development of American / Russian business relationships.


BTI brings to the Russian market a unique combination of American and Russian construction experience and expertise. We offer owners/partners the construction management approach most appropriate to the specific projects. A team of Americans and Russians is assembled for each project providing overall management: design, architectural and engineering services; domestic and international material procurement; and specialized and general labor services.

BTI is fully knowledgeable in Russian design, engineering and construction, yet we do not carry the high overhead of many larger firms. We utilize a wide variety of domestic and Russian international firms as sub-contractors. Our focus is on providing the appropriate degree of sophistication to each carefully selected project.

BTI functions as the developer in situations where the property owner requires not only the best construction management assistance but also financial participation and legal structuring. BTI organizes the project bringing to the table investors and other key participants in order that the desires of the property owner can be integrated with the realities of the market place in a way that produces a significant return for the investors as well as the owners.

BTI has several years' experience in the NEW RUSSIAN market building relationships, importing appropriate building materials and western technologies, and developing a sound business reputation. BTI has imported many different types of construction materials and products both for our own use and for resale on the Russian market. BTI has established dealership networks currently buying and restocking on a regular basis. Building on this experience and ongoing relationships, we are prepared to supply contractor/owners alike with high quality materials for existing and new construction projects.

Recent project principles of BTI have been involved with: (1997 through 2006)
New construction / 24,000 meter square (m2) Bank Headquarters / Construction Management , Tver, Russia:
Value - $35,000,000 USD
 Video International Headquarters
Reconstruction / 1,600 meter squared (m2) Advertising Agency office furnished / Moscow, Russia:
Value - $718,000 USD
 Novosty Restaurant
Reconstruction / 1,450 meter squared Restaurant Complex / GC - equipment and furnishing, Moscow, Russia:
Value - $ 952,000 USD
 Novosty 3rd floor office space
New office space for the Novosty Information Agency / 560 meter squared (m2) / Moscow, Russia:
Value - $ 330,000 USD
 Novosty 6th floor office space
New office space for the Novosty Information Agency / 940 meter squared (m2) / Moscow, Russia:
Value - $ 420,000 USD
 Novosty 2nd floor beauty shop
New beauty shop for the Novosty Information Agency / 120 meter squared (m2) / Moscow, Russia:
Value - $38,000 USD
 Novosty 8th floor space (computer room)
New computer room for the Novosty Information Agency / 110 meter squared (m2) / Moscow, Russia:
Value - $275,000 USD
• New Facade/Roofing works - Rosinka / 44 units / US Embassy / $846,000 USD
• Anglo/American School - school owned 12 apartments / remont / Moscow / $$115,000 USD
• TGIF-Friday's Restaurant - Sheremetyevo-2 airport / $136,000 USD (currently under construction)
• US Embassy / Moscow - Embassy compound - 6 apartments / remont / $93,250 USD
• US Embassy / St. Petersburg - Facade remont - miscellaneous exterior works/new balcony's / $114,000

• Facade Works - Moscow - GlavUpDK/Hines International, Inc. / KONTI Building Co. / KIT Building Co. / Podmoskovje / Moskovksy Bank /GEMFIS, Klin, Russia / Canadian Homes LTD, Moscow / US Church of Later Day Saints (Russia) / SRV Contractors, Russia / ZAO Rosinka - Total value of all facade contractor, excess of $650,000 USD

• American Building Materials and Products Import paints, plumbing fixtures, caulks, exterior synthetic stucco finishing materials, epoxy floor coating systems: Have conducted trade shows in Russia, demonstrated construction materials, and establish Russian dealer network with BTI acting as US supplier with various Russian partners / agents.

Previous experience in positions as V. P., Director of Development, Project Manager, Construction Manager, Director of Logistics, Procurement Manager/Administrator, Inventory Control Manager. My experience covers some 19 years in the building and development professions.

Demonstrated Skills: Domestic
Have worked extensively with architects, designers, building engineers, lending institutions in real estate development and construction management. Have built and developed some 250 housing units during my building career. Own and control real estate rental in Indiana and Chicago area.

Demonstrated Skills: International
Have exported from the US to Eastern Europe paints to panelized housing components for reconstruction. Have traveled extensively through Poland and Russia over the past 5 years. Have acted as procurement manager, logistics manager, warehouse control manager and assistant construction manager for the development of commercial buildings and housing outside of the US, specifically in Warszawa, Poland and Moscow, Russia.

 REHAB/Remodeling: - Provide infill housing development of single family "for sale" product in Chicago

 The Preserve - A single family detached housing development. (Cumberland Development). 203 lot cottage development of homes SE of Chicago, IL. ($8,000,000)

 The Woodlands of Forie - A single family detached housing development. (The Zale Group). 174 lot cottage/home development on a 18 hole golf course in Buffalo Grove, IL ($12,000,000)

 Harbour Point - An attached condominium development. (MAT Development). A 34 units water condominium development built on lake front property including boat docks in Carmel, IN ($4,000,000)

 Fall Creek Townhomes - A attached condominium development. (Traylor Construction Inc.) A 58 units condominium development in Indianapolis, IN ($7,500,000)

 The Meadows - A single family development. (Hart/Traylor Builders). A 84 lot single family development in Indianapolis, IN ($6,000,000)

Each of the projects/developments listed here in represent either a ownership position, corporate management position, or simply a project management/construction management position on my part. My experience has been senior level and/or managerial in nature for each project/development

 INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE: Warszawa, Poland / Moscow, Russia Have lived and worked in Eastern Europe and 'understand' the nature of the environment of these new and emerging 'democracies'. Have learned to deal (at the street level) with the nature of the Russians (and Polls) and bring to the table not only construction experience, but tolerance, understanding, and ability to 'get the job done' under the challenges that are faced by westerners doing business in Eastern Europe (Warszawa and Moscow).

Overseas Stations: (International)
Warszawa, Poland: First arrived in Warszawa in 1991. Provided exported construction materials, housing components, and materials for a 'for profit' US/Polish development group. Also acted as construction consultant and training of Polish workers in US building practice techniques.
(Specific duties): Procurement Manager, source specified construction materials used in housing development project from US. Issued purchase orders (based on negotiated terms and conditions) from vendor/suppliers. Responsible for visual inspection and acceptance of vendor materials. Consolidated freight in warehouse prior to overseas shipment. Logistics Manager, ordered containers, loaded containers, and schedule for shipment. Prepared export documents for export. Arrange inland transportation from port to port to job site. Traveled to Warszawa to receive containers/materials. While in Warszawa worked with development team in construction procedures.
Moscow, Russia: First arrived in Moscow in late 1994 to now. (Specific duties) Worked for two different US contractor building $35,000,000 bank project Tver, Russia and US contractor building $22,000,000 hospital operating room project in Moscow, Russia. As Procurement Manager, source locally (including Western Europe) construction materials, suppliers/sub-contractors, and Russian labor in behalf of the Project Manager/s. Constructed local computer data base for all source materials for present and future needs. Received containers from the US of American source materials. Worked locally with Russian freight forwarder and Russian Customs Agency in the receiving of all goods. Provided visual inspection and quality control of received materials. Inventory Control Manager, established a warehouse facility on the job site, and instituted an inventory control program for reusable tools and equipment. Supervised Russian labor in the service and maintenance of tools and equipment. Provided job site security program/s for all materials received and supervised accordingly.

 Mr. Mitchell P. Kobelinski, President, Mid-Europe Trade & Investment, Inc.
    Appointments: By President of the United States Richard M. Nixon, Former Director,
    Import/Export Bank of the United States
    Appointments: By President of the United States Gerald R. Ford, Former Director, S B A

 Mr. Cal Bodner, President, Cumberland Development, Corp.
 Mr. Robert Neilsen, Former VP Zale Group, Inc. (now VP Hoffman Homes)
 Mr. Art Taggart, President, MAT Development Inc. (now with Triangle & Associates)
 Mr. John C. Hart, Sr., President, The Hart Companies
    Elected: Past President, National Association of Home Builders
    Appointments: Former Executive Director, Indiana Housing Finance Authority
    Chairmanship: Republican, State Representative and Chairman Indiana House
    Ways & Means Committee

  Ms. Shirley-Wiseman-Lach
     Elected: Past President, National Association of Home Builders
    Appointments: By President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, Under-Secretary,
    Department of Housing & Urban Development
    Appointments: Executive Director, American Building Products Export Council

 Mr. Randy Klein, former VP Hudson Partners, Ltd.
 Mr. Joe Parker, President, GOW International, Inc.

Revised - 30.12.2006